Click HERE for access to the art lessons. Don’t forget to show me your creations!

Click HERE to watch tons of How-To-Draw Videos.

Click on Artist’s Toolkit for lessons in art and opportunities to draw your own on the computer!

Click HERE to access lots of musical fun at Classics for Kids.

Click HERE to read all about Leonardo da Vinci through the Boston Museum of Science website.

Click Hands On: As We Grow for a beautiful, hands-on flower art activity (and explore her site for many more amazing art ideas!).

Want to dance? Find many familiar songs (and tunes) at this school-sponsored site that even has songs like “Amazing Grace” and “This Little Light of Mine.” The site includes PDFs with instructions on various dances and extension ideas.

Excuse me while I go and SPEND HOURS at Deep Space Sparkle to find unbelievable art projects that we might actually do thank you very much! The site is set up by grade/age and subject and just seems to say “grab your coffee and plan to stay a long time.” :)

This is a one-of-a-kind MUSIC site that will help you see fractions and so much more like you never have before. Don’t forget to visit the homemade instrument page for some great ideas!

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